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Research Seminars



The Department holds regular Research Seminars where staff, students and visitors share their latest researches with the wider academic and outside community at HKU. All are welcome.

Research Seminars are indicated with Research Seminar 
		icon and Graduate Research Seminars Graduate 
		Research Seminar icon.

Semester 2
17 May

Research Seminar
Dr. Thomas Irvine
, (University of Southampton), "Beyond Discovery: Rethinking the Sino-Western Encounter in Music"

12 Apr

Research Seminar
Prof. Emma J. Teng
, (MIT), "The 'Eurasian Problem' and Schooling in 19th Century Hong Kong and Shanghai"

10 Apr

Research Seminar
Prof. James L.A. Webb Jr.
, (Colby College), "Historical Epidemiology and Contemporary Disease Challenges"

18 Jan

Research Seminar
Dr. Seung-young Kim
, (University of Sheffield), "Open Door or Sphere of Influence?: The Diplomacy of the Japanese-French Entente and Fukien Question, 1905-07"

Semester 1
19 Dec

Postgraduate Research Seminar
Ms. Ivy Chan
, (University of London), "Migration and the Collecting of Chinese Art in Hong Kong in the 20th Century"

18 Dec

Research Seminar
Dr. Jan Schmidt
, (KU Leuven, Belgium), "Shifting Horizons of Expectation During the First World War in Japan - 'Postwar Discourses', 1915–1919, as Part of War Experience and Their Consequences for Political Communication Regarding 'Reconstruction' (kaizō)"

23 Nov

Research Seminar
Dr. Patrick Neveling
, (University of London), "The Resistible Rise of the Otherwise Neoliberal: On Special Economic Zones and the Making of World-History"

17 Oct

Research Seminar
Prof. Herrick Chapman
, (New York University), "France's Long Reconstruction: In Search of the Modern Republic"

16 Oct

Research Seminar
Prof. Erez Manela
, (Harvard University), "The Fourth Policeman: Reconsidering FDR's Vision for China's Postwar Role"

26 Sept

Research Seminar
Prof. Simon Burrows
, (Western Sydney University, Australia), "The Enlightenment Text: Publishing, Culture and Popular Reading before the French Revolution"

21 Sept

Research Seminar
Dr. Michael Weatherburn
, (Imperial College, London), "History at Work: Bridging the Corporate Knowledge Gap"

14 Sept

Research Seminar
Dr. Emily Baum
, (University of California, Irvine), "Adjudicating Madness: Police Records of the Insane in Early Twentieth-Century Beijing"



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