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Courses Not Offered This Year

First Year Courses

HIST1010 An Introduction to European History and Civilization

HIST1016 The modern world

HIST1018 Europe in the long nineteenth century, 1789-1914

Second/Third Year Courses

HIST2003 Twentieth-century China

HIST2008 Meiji Japan

HIST2018 The foreign relations of China since 1949

HIST2021 Nineteenth Century Russia, 1800-1905

HIST2032 Case studies in women's history: Hong Kong and the U.S.

HIST2034 A history of education in Hong Kong

HIST2046 The Modern European City: Urban Living and Open Spaces

HIST2048 The History of Young People in Modern Europe

HIST2053 The Cold War

HIST2062 From Empire to EU: Culture, Politics and Society in Twentieth Century Britain

HIST2063 Europe and modernity: Cultures and identities, 1890-1940

HIST2065 Workshop in historical research

HIST2068 The Intellectual History of Twentieth-Century China

HIST2070 Stories of self: History through autobiography

HIST2072 A history of modern European warfare

HIST2073 Prussia in the Age of Absolutism and Reform, 1648-1815

HIST2076 Germany and the Cold War

HIST2078 Renaissance Europe 1453-1648

HIST2079 Early Modern Europe 1648-1789

HIST2082 Europe and its others

HIST2084 Sexing the spirit: The history of the modern feminist challenge to Christianity

HIST2085 The history of modern sexual identity and discourse

HIST2089 History's Closet: Clothing in Context

HIST2090 The Great Famine (1959-61)

HIST2091 The British Empire

HIST2092 The United States and Asia

HIST2093 International history in the era of two World Wars

HIST2094 Museums and history

HIST2095 The World Wars through Documents

HIST2096 The history of European business in China

HIST2097 Mao

HIST2098 A history of modern Taiwan

HIST2099 Themes in the history of the post-Cold War world

HIST2103 Russian state and society in the 20th century

HIST2105 The Rise of Modern Japan, 1830s to 1950s

HIST2106 Imperial Japan: Its modern wars and colonial empire

HIST2107 The Second World War in Asia and the Pacific, 1931-1952

HIST2108 Empire and the making of modern France

HIST2109 Modern France: Society, politics and culture

HIST2110 China and the West

HIST2111 War and medicine in Europe, 1800-1950

HIST2112 Technologies of empire: Science, medicine and colonialism

HIST2113 New worlds: Exploring the history of Latin America

HIST2114 China and the wider world since 1600

HIST2115 Sports and Chinese society

HIST2116 Oceans in History

HIST2117 Nanyang: The Chinese experience in Southeast Asia

HIST2118 Chinese and Americans: A cultural and international history

HIST2119 Changing lives: Women's history from Fin-de-Siècle to the interwar years

HIST2120 International trade and finance in the early-modern world

HIST2122 The history of sport in modern Europe

HIST2124 Taishō and Shōwa Japan: Perfecting state, society and nation, 1912 to 1989

HIST2125 Hitler’s Germany

HIST2126 The American family: Histories, myths, and realities

HIST2127 Qing China in the World

HIST2128 Germany, 1871-1933: From empire to republic

HIST2129 Living Through War: society, culture and trauma

HIST2130 The civilizing mission and modern European imperialism

HIST2131 Growing up ‘girl’: Histories, novels, and American culture

HIST2132 Nineteenth-Century Europe through documents (1850s-1914)

HIST2133 The Weimar Republic through documents (1918-1933)

HIST2134 The Third Reich through documents (1933-1945)

HIST2135 Cold War Germany through documents (1945-1990)

HIST2136 The Graeco-Roman world: From Homer to Augustus

HIST2137 Pandemic!: Contagious histories

HIST2138 Humanity in crisis: Humanitarianism in the modern world

HIST2139 Greek religion, society and culture in the Classical Age

HIST2200 Europe fieldtrip

Third Year Courses

HIST3022 History by numbers: Quantitative methods in History

HIST3024 Writing Hong Kong History

HIST3025 Hitler and the National Socialist ideology

HIST3026 History publishing

HIST3027 Natural disasters in history, 1700 to 2009

HIST3029 Transnational history: a new perspective on the past

HIST3030 Europe fieldtrip


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