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Research Seminars



The Department holds regular Research Seminars where staff, students and visitors share their latest researches with the wider academic and outside community at HKU. All are welcome.

Research Seminars are indicated with Research Seminar 
		icon and Graduate Research Seminars Graduate 
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Semester 2
28 Mar

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Florence Mok
, (University of York), "Revisiting Anti-Corruption Movements and the Formation of the ICAC"

25 Mar

Research Seminar
Dr. Ronit Stahl
, (University of California, Berkeley), "Troubling Conscience: Religious Freedom and Health Care in Modern America"

21 Mar

Research Seminar
Dr. Kate Bagnall
, (University of Wollongong, Australia), "Writing Women into Chinese Australian History"

19 Mar

Graduate Research Seminar
Mr. Christopher Cowell
, (Columbia University), "Colonial Boundaries: The Case of Secunderabad Cantonment (1798-1858)"

12 Mar

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Devika Shankar
, (Princeton University), "A Coast of Curiosities: Nature and Infrastructure at the Edge of British India 1860-1900"

28 Feb

Research Seminar
Dr. Joshua Derman
, (HKUST), "German Visions of Global Order After an Axis Victory, 1939–1945"

21 Feb

Research Seminar
, (中央研究院), 「胡適的一份未刊稿——英文《中國思想史大綱》的歷史意義」

15 Feb

Research Seminar
Dr. Alastair McClure
, (University of Chicago), "Rethinking Violence, Sovereignty, and the Making of Criminal Law in Colonial India"

14 Feb

Research Seminar
Dr. Darinee Alagirisamy
, (HKU), "The Problem with Neera: The (Un)Making of a National Drink in Late Colonial India"

29 Jan

Research Seminar
Dr. Emily Whewell
, (Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Germany), "Between Semicolonial and Colonial Borders: Mobile Subjects and Tensions of Law in the Early 20th Century British Empire"

24 Jan

Research Seminar
Dr. Jatinder Mann
, (HKBU), "The End of the British World and the Redefinition of Citizenship in Canada, 1950s-1970s"

Semester 1
10 Dec

Research Seminar
Prof. Christian Henriot
, (Aix-Marseille University), "Mapping the Space-Time of Commercial Entertainment in Shanghai (1907-1967)"

6 Dec

Research Seminar
Dr. François Drémeaux
, (University of Le Havre-Normandie / HKU), "The French Consulate in Hong Kong during the Interwar Period: Distorted Hierarchies and Civil Diplomacy"

22 Nov

Research Seminar
Dr. Aurore Schwab
, (HKU), "The International Norms on Religions from a History of Religions Perspective (1945-2002) "

13 Nov

Research Seminar
Prof. Dominic Sachsenmaier
, (HKU), "17th-Century Chinese Christianity and the Global History of Empires"

4 Oct

Graduate Research Seminar
Ms. Carina Hoang
, (Curtin University, Western Australia), "From Both Sides of the Fence: Vietnamese Boat People in Hong Kong, 1975-2000"

20 Sept

Research Seminar
Ms. Florence Lo and Ms. Jenny Yu
, (HSBC), "Research at HSBC Archives"



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