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Dr. E. LaCouture
Honorary Assistant Professor Aurore Schwab

BA, MA, PhD University of Geneva

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Current Researches | Publications

Dr. Aurore Schwab is a specialist in the link between religions and global governance. She obtained her PhD in History of Religions at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) for which she received the Fritz Stolz Award. Before joining the staff of the Department, she worked as a postdoctoral scholar at the Centre national de recherche scientifique in Paris and as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Geneva. Currently, she is the co-supervisor of a professional training course on Religions and Global Governance: Understand, Negotiate and Manage Cultural and Religious Diversity at the University of Geneva. Moreover, she is involved in several journals as a contributor or a reviewer.


Aurore's research investigates international norms on religions from a history of religions perspective which associates historical and anthropological methods. She focuses on the United Nations Organisation and its normative production on traditional practices (such as honour crimes or excision) and religions (particularly the notion of "defamation of religions"). In this regard, she uses the common epistemological basis of constructivism to develop conceptual bridges between History of Religions and the disciplines of international relations. Moreover, she favours the combination between the discourse analysis (Michel Foucault, Bruce Lincoln) and the taxonomy analysis (Jonathan Z. Smith). The main fields of her research are normativity relating to the religious practices, human rights and global governance.




Current Researches


    Aurore is currently working on a book based on her doctoral dissertation on the emergence of the international norm on the "honour killing practices", and on a project financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation entitled The Emergence, Dissemination and Transformation of the International Norm of "Defamation of Religions" (a notion very close to blasphemy).









L'émergence de la norme internationale sur le « crime d'honneur ». Une analyse du discours onusien, Peter Lang, Bern, in preparation.


Collaboration with Agnes A. Nagy and Francesca Prescendi (eds), Victime: substantif féminin, L'Equinoxe, Collection des sciences humaines, Georg, Geneva, 2011.


Book Chapters


"Féminicide: du crime d’honneur au crime passionnel. Une analyse du discours onusien sur les violences familiales", in : Lydie Bodiou, Frédéric Chauvaud, Ludovic Gaussot, et al. (dir.), Le féminicide. Histoire et actualités, Paris, Hermann, 2018 (in publication).


"Disséminer et enrayer: discours internationaux et locaux autour du crime d'honneur" in : Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff and Vincent Négri (dir.), Mimesis. Towards International Normativity. Between Mimetism and Dissemination, Editions A. Pedone, Paris, 2016, 187-210.


"Le crime d'honneur: entre mythe et réalité" in: Agnes Nagy and Francesca Prescendi (eds), Sacrifices humains: dossiers, discours, comparaisons, Bibliothèque des Hautes Etudes, Sciences religieuses, Brepols, Turnhout, 2013, 249-265.


"Bibliographie du Professeur Philippe Borgeaud" in: Francesca Prescendi and Youri Volokhine (eds), Dans le laboratoire de l'historien des religions. Mélanges offerts à Philippe Borgeaud, Labor et Fides, Geneva, 2011, 13-26.




"L'émergence de la norme internationale sur le « crime d'honneur » dans la perspective de l'histoire des religions", in: Asdiwal. Revue genevoise d'anthropologie et d'histoire des religions, 12, 2018, 181-184 (peer-review).


"Le crime d'honneur: dans les marges de la hiérarchie de genre" in: Criminologie, 50/2, Femmes à la marge, 2017, 121-141 (peer-review).


"Entre liberté de religion et liberté d'expression: émergence de la notion onusienne de diffamation des religions" in: La Revue du MAUSS, 49, Le retour? Entre violence, marché et politique, 2017, 134-147 (peer-review).


"Religion, Körper und Macht: UN Diskurse über Ehrenmorde" in: Bulletin des Zentrums für Religion, Wirtschaft und Politik, University of Zürich, October 2013/7, 4.


"Des violences cosmogoniques, divines et humaines" in: Asdiwal. Revue genevoise d'anthropologie et d'histoire des religions, 5, 2010, 161-165 (peer-review).