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Dr. Francois Dremeaux
Visiting Assistant Professor François Drémeaux


MSc, MPhil, PhD Angers

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After living in Ivory Coast and Vietnam, Dr. François Drémeaux decided to settle in Hong Kong in 2007. For ten years, he has taught History and Geography there, while conducting several research projects with public and private institutions. Dr. Drémeaux represents the 'Souvenir Français de Chine' and the 'Fondation de la France Libre' in Hong Kong. He is currently working on the French presences in this territory during interwar period.




Current Research Projects


Currently, Dr. Drémeaux is working on a project focusing on the history of French nationals abroad, not only within the frame of colonial studies but also in a different perspective. Through different kind of presences, it raises the opportunity to explore architectural vestiges as well as different themes (religion, trade, diplomacy, etc.).


Dr. Drémeaux's research interests include:

  • French & European Modern History
  • Colonialism and Imperialism in Asia
  • Cultural History
  • Maritime History






Blackboard in the Fragrant Harbour

Blackboard in the Fragrant Harbour: 50 Years of the French International School
[Tableau noir dans le port des parfums: 50 ans d'histoire du LFI de Hong Kong]


Around thirty children in 1964, over 2,500 students in 2014. The history of the French International School of Hong Kong is one of a constantly developing institution, adapting to the growth of the French community, to the environment and to local needs as well as to the many educational evolutions over these past fifty years. The French School, a pioneer in many domains, has developed along with the territory. It is divided, like Hong Kong, into 'one country, two systems', within it there is both a classic French school and an International stream. From testimonies to anecdotes, this work relates the many changes that have left their mark on the school but, above all, it also focuses on the everyday life of a community.


Les messageries maritimes à Hong Kong, 1918-1941
[The Messageries Maritimes in Hong Kong, 1918-1941]


A key link between East Asia and the West, the French company Messageries Maritimes transported both passengers and goods on its great liners. On land, shipping agencies had the task of organising the rapid and trouble-free transit of passengers and freight. Both upstream and downstream agencies developed invisible and sophisticated organizations that facilitated smooth port calls. Drawing on the archives of the Association French Lines, Dr. Drémeaux paints a portrait of agencies always on the move and tackling a whole host of different tasks.

Les messageries maritimes a Hong Kong, 1918-1941

Hong Kong French Connections

Hong Kong French Connections: From the 19th Century to the Present Day


From the discovery of the Plague bacillus to the Bauhinia on the territory's flag, Hong Kong bears the modest bust long-lasting imprint of all the French nationals who once lived on this fascinating piece of China over the last 150 years. Missionaries, diplomats, traders or raiders... through the eyes of those French with various occupations, this book retraces the main steps of Hong Kong development.


French Presences in Hong Kong (1918-1941) (forthcoming)


'France Hong Kong, 160 years of History' [founder and co-author] a blog on History of the French presence in Hong Kong for the French Consulate in Hong Kong (2009-2010),


'The municipal theatre of Cholet in the interwar period, poverty and nobility of a cultural equipment of province' in Annales de Bretagne et Pays de l’Ouest, no 115-4, Rennes, 2008: 145-172. [in French]


'The cinema in Cholet during the interwar period, the 7th Art into conquering the provinces', in Archives d’Anjou, no 11, Angers, 2007: 177-193. [in French]




Teaching Courses


  • HIST2108 Empire and the Making of Modern France
  • HIST2109 Modern France: Society, Politics and Culture


Latest Publication
Blackboard in the Fragrant Harbour: 50 Years of the French International School Book
Blackboard in the Fragrant Harbour: 50 Years of the French International School


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