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Doctor M. Weatherburn
Honorary Associate Professor Michael Weatherburn


PhD Imperial College London

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Dr Michael Weatherburn is a graduate of Oxford and Imperial College. He is now Field Leader at Imperial College, where he manages a team of twenty lecturers across the humanities field, as well as supervising dissertations and conducting operational research work.


In 2017 he founded Project Hindsight, an independent consultancy which seeks to enhance the evidence base in strategy and operations management for long-term projects in defence, energy and infrastructure.


Michael loves engaging with non-academic audiences and does so frequently. Recent audiences include the Cabinet Office, the London Materials Society, Oxford University Continuing Education Department, the Open Data Institute, the Chartered Management Institute, UK Power Networks and Exeter University Business School.




Current Research Projects


Michael's research interests are the history, long-term development, and future of data analytics, systems engineering, and management. He investigates their relations to professional services firms such as consultancy and accounting, and analyses related large, complex projects arising from public-private procurement contracting over the past forty years.




Research areas


Management consultancy, defence, data analytics, systems engineering, professional services